The relationship between Medicine and Literature had lasted for centuries. We wanted to be its latest avatar. With the motto in mind: “For the students, by the students.” It was hard to embody in a few words an undertaking that would be spanning the medical students of an entire nation. We wanted to fill a void no one had ever dreamed of filling. Thus was born Lexicon. An initiative with the aim: ‘Words can, what medicine can’t.’

The name ‘Lexicon’ is adapted from its Greek origin ‘lexikon’, which means book of words or a branch of knowledge. This initiative of creating a magazine for the medical fraternity couldn’t be defined better.

Lexicon is an online magazine and blog, which features a broad spectrum of contents via its articles, initiatives and artwork. A magazine run by a core group of highly motivated individuals working tirelessly to satiate the appetite of the average medical student cum voracious readers. A magazine run by components of the same audience that it was targeting. A magazine designed primarily to be about medicine and its allied fields. A magazine with its finger on the pulse of the average medical and para medical student.Boasting a readership stretching across the medical student populace of the world, Lexicon aims to be an ever-expanding idea, constantly striving towards the pursuit of excellence.