The ideology behind

“Jack of all trades, Master of none ” is a famous saying in many cultures around the world. Yet some of the most significant personalities of past and present like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Leonardo Da Vinci, Aristotle, Mendel were polymaths.

A polymath is someone who becomes competent in at least three diverse domains and integrates into a top skillset. In other words, they bring the best of what humanity has discovered from across fields to help them to be more effective in their core field. As medical professionals, we rarely try to gain knowledge from other fields. But I think reading other books; learning to play an instrument or art will benefit us personally as well as professionally.


The brain and sweat behind the library

The library first started in my hostel room in VMGMC Solapur with my own 150 books. By word of mouth many of my friends started donating their books, which they had already read. A few people donated books and some offered to join me in this project. I tried my best to keep a wide array of genre and content. Lokmat and Divya Marathi published our story in Sept 2018 which provided us with book donations from all over Solapur. After we spoke with the dean of our institute about our project, he provided us with a hall in the hostel campus. Many of our teachers and alumni donated books, furniture and resources. So this library is born out of the little actions of many people. They have given their imagination to my brain child.


The various activities taking place:

We haven’t restricted ourselves only to reading books. Agreed, we have a book club called Sunday Katta and discussions on interesting medical topics but we also give impetus to quizzes and workshops. This is a platform to improve communication and instil a sense of confidence and belonging in my peers. We hold activities like photography workshop, painting workshop, writer’s workshop, filmmaking workshop, and Open Mic Night. We also conduct health camps, menstrual hygiene workshops around Solapur. We are working on a mentorship programme, peer to peer teaching and study groups. We are part of the new orientation programme for 1st-year students to conduct Language learning and extracurricular activities.

This is our contribution to helping people enjoy life out of their daily routine thus ensuring an enjoyable undergraduate experience in our college. There is no point in just surviving life but rather living and enjoying it and I believe books and our friends are there to ensure this.


-Dr Shreyash Chavan

– Dr Madhura Mandlik



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