Be it a lecture where the lecturer hasn’t arrived even 30 minutes into the 1-hour class or the one that has been cancelled last minute, we sit on the stairs outside the lecture hall and chill. This is my favourite hangout spot.

Harish Vemula, RIMS, Adilabad


Dusky view from the college hill: We go there and have campfires, dance and sing and have the best times of our lives.

Rakesh Jaganathan K

CMC, Vellore


Signature day in college

Akhil Bala

MLR Institute of pharmacy




Chilling after the first year practical exams in the corridor. Nostalgia hits hard even to this day.

Natasha Tungare

Sancheti Institute College of Physiotherapy


Being surrounded by waterfalls, they become an obvious hangout spot for us during monsoons.

Sushma Gade

RIMS, Adilabad









Road trips never fail to amaze us.                            Rainy walks on the road to the library.

Sushma Gade                                                                        Rakesh Jaganathan K

RIMS, Adilabad                                                                            CMC, Vellore


They say that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. And I cannot recollect how many hours we have spent hanging out here while beaming at Mother Nature’s beauty.

Suswara Bukka




Graduation Day                                                       First Day of Internship                     Dr Shivani Vakilwala                                                  Dr Shivani Vakilwala






stealing a selfie in Paeds duties                            Hanging out in the warmth of the sunset






Snakes and Ladders                                                Library diaries

Dr Usha Nandini                                                Dr Madhura Mandlik







Lecture Hall Selfies (Vasanth)                                         Pre Fest Madness

Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine                            Poonam Nayak








College Days (Avinash Vadali)                                   Library Shots (Dr Mythili Rao)

Dr Pinnamaneni Sidhartha Medical College                      Osmania Medical College



The Football Madness

Oddi Vasanth Bharadwaj

Odessa National Medical University



A dreamy day spent in the reading room. Afternoon study sessions made harder by a wandering mind on a beautiful bright day! The ancient student accommodation on the right long since abandoned for the new(er) girls hostel on the left. @ Grant Medical College, Mumbai




The old lies in shadow, while the new glistens with light. While hoping for a  bright future we must not forget the past. The turrets of the oldest building of Grant Medical College, built in 1843, now partially renovated to house a museum of antique books, lies in darkness against the skyscrapers of South Bombay. @ Grant Medical College, Mumbai

Apurva Kasbe


A roof covering 176 years of tradition and excellence against the background of the burgeoning towers of Mumbai. The top of the marble dissection hall on a rainy day.  @ Grant Medical College, Mumbai

Apurva Kasbe













Pc: Dr Sudipto Dasgupta




































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