You may be an introvert or an extrovert. You might be a person who likes to study with your friends in groups, with your loved one in a corner or with yourself in solitude. You could be a caffeine-fuelled socializer or an ear-plugged silence seeker. No matter what kind of person you may be, when it comes to spots in your college where you prefer to read, you have your calling. You think you choose spots, but in fact, the spots choose you and you don’t feel comfortable anywhere else no matter how convenient or better it may be. So, what all places did your brain travel to within the split-seconds of reading these lines? Yes, that’s what I’m talking about!

Where do you like to sit and read?


–    Library. It is a common answer people give when asked about where they read. In reality, it is not just a simple word. It contains within it the memory of your favourite spot in the library. Your favourite book. Your cosy chair. Your neighbour sitting in his/her world. The group of people screaming and laughing with each other in the name of group study. The couple across the hall talking inappropriately for a study session. That nerd who brings tea/coffee/food/pillow and practically lives in the library. We all have dozed off in the if on a vacation. Don’t get me wrong, we all studied there but what we remember in retrospection is these moments.


–    Terrace. When the exam is not too near as to panic and is not too far either, we resort to reading at the terrace. We are relaxed, made a cup of coffee, and brought all our writing instruments, the books, headphones and settle down on a spot to enjoy library during study sessions. Sat all day with books in hand but eyes out the window staring at nature as studying. The subtle breeze playing with your hair while you try to keep the pages of your books down. The sky at dusk reflecting all of Rayleigh’s paintings try to distract your senses but you are focussed on your book while enjoying the ambience.


–    Stairways and Hallways. The hostel corridors and staircases are packed with students and books. The air is filled with the tension of the exam the next day. People who used to study alone, come out of their nest and discuss with their peers for the fear of missing out on important topics. People who never studied at all are taught by their friends who turn them into experts on the subject in just one night.


–    Hostel rooms. Of course, the beds we sleep in are not just where we sleep. Books take up most of the space when it comes to exam season. We barely sleep and when we do it’s because we dozed off in the middle of a studying spree. Those long nights and early mornings when our friends are actively discussing topics and you rewind them in your sleepy head and sometimes even irritate them by contributing answers from your sleep all happen in the dorm rooms.


–    Wards and On-call rooms. The preparation for clinical exams happens almost exclusively here. Yes. It’s weird but people who are serious with their entrance preparation do this all the time during their internships. The rare quiet nights in the wards let them study while keeping them alert and awake for any emergencies to attend to at nights.

There are a lot more such spots where we study during our college life. Most of us have more than just one of these spots. If you are a medical student, chances are you haven’t understood the significance of these places, we didn’t understand it at that point either. It is only later that we realize that what we study help us with the knowledge and progress of our careers but the emotions and memories associated with these spots matters more and lasts longer.


Usha Nandini M,

Psychiatry Resident,

 Tirunelveli Medical College


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