1. Relationships and dating in medical school – Is medical college like Grey’s anatomy or is that a big fat lie?

Hello there Fellas!


This one is especially for all our young-adult medicos out there. So, you are gonna read about something interesting today. Many times we do want to be in a relationship but we look at our books and be like ‘Chuck, I don’t need anyone.’ We look at our friends and their partners who keep tagging each other on romantic posts and feel like ‘Aww, I wish I had someone too’. And guess what, ultimately we end updating our books! Ok so, rather than beating around the bush let me ask you guys directly and many of you might be having an idea of what am I gonna ask. How many of you have been dating someone or have ready dated someone during your medical school?

We watch series like Grey’s Anatomy and get mesmerized by their dramatic med-school life. Does that happen in reality too? Many of the medicos perceive handling relationships as a great task. And to whomsoever you ask their answer is, ‘Dude I am in medical school. I don’t have time for all this.’ Do you believe the same? You see a nice, kind, charming doctor, colleague, your batchmate or senior and you start having butterflies in your stomach. And then you realize, oops you are left with your assignments. What do you do? You just leave that feeling there and drag yourself towards your books? I know I am asking too many questions but I would like to throw up some light on this topic that does medicos believe in long-lasting, cute relationships or they feel that it’s all nonsense and studies is something to care about!

During my undergraduate days, even I used to feel that it is too difficult to handle a relationship smoothly. We have such a huge syllabus, exams, lots of studies and somewhere being in relation might be a kind of distraction. And I suppose you all might have observed the same. Then comes long-distance relationships! And this is something which not just medicos but many youngsters find difficult. Trust, loyalty, patience is something which helps these kinds of relationships work successfully. And I have seen very few long-distance relations which worked and lasted. People enter a relationship, initially, it goes well and then later due to the pressure of their studies, poor grades they start feeling that relationship is somewhere distracting them and they end up breaking up ultimately.


On the other hand, it feels really good to have someone supporting you through your tough journey, someone to pour your feelings and express our frustration too. I have seen people being in relationships and handling their life well. And let me tell you it is equally important to have a partner by your side because in medical schools usually, students end up being stressed, feeling frustrated due to lots of assignments. The famous book of Rhonda Bryne ‘The Secret’ says that the feeling of love has the highest positive frequency. So the negative emotions of feeling distressed and irritation gets balanced with positive feels when a person is in a relationship. Ok now, this is sounding very philosophical!

So you cannot conclude whether being in a relationship along with handling your is right or wrong. Frankly, rights and wrongs don’t exist. It is all about our perception. Some people handle their relationships well, also there are who are unable to and prefer to stay single. And both the beliefs are equally right.













Dr Natasha Tungare

Physiotherapist, Sancheti Institute college of Physiotherapy


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