1. Could you briefly introduce yourself to our young readers?

This is Dr Tanay Maiti – a psychiatrist, a mental health worker and a mental health activist by choice, profession, and existence; beyond which, I keep my interest in literature, poetry, blogging, and equality in human rights. Knowing people, their culture, beliefs and most importantly their mind and the very specific thought processes have been my off late interests, which has enriched me much beyond my professional self. Psychiatry and mental health have brought multiple national and international opportunities including some prestigious fellowships, which has certainly reinforced my motivation and passion for learning and working more.


  1. What made you choose Psychiatry and how did it personally affect you as an individual and a doctor?

Psychiatry remained a dream, turned into reality and now shaping into a promise. And in the last 10 years, its no more mere psychiatry I believe, its mental health and even more towards the mind of the souls and their existence.
For me nothing could be more exciting than knowing people and their minds, nothing could be more peaceful than walking down a peaceful path towards better-coped lives of all the possible minds I come across
It feels like a blessing to me, by all my good deeds to get this opportunity,  to learn from the bests and sharing the same with my peers. I feel thankful to everyone for being selected and capable of this service.


  1. Could you explain why despite being a comfortable generation, there is a growing rise in the number of suicides especially among the younger generation?

This is alarming. Rather, the alarm was ringing for long, but we, humans, do pay attention only to the sirens!  Can we imagine how desperate and painful could it be when one ends his/her most cherished most lovable self?

Certainly, the commonly perceived comfort isn’t comforting the generation at all, at least the younger ones.  The frequently changing versions of i-phones, Netflix series, PUBG excitements and bitcoin investments might make us savvy and cool enough, but our souls are freezing at the same time. Our souls are turning lonely, and we are in persistent denial of this. These young and growing minds are at maximum conflict, without minimal support, turning into newspaper headlines frequently, all for the wrong reasons, the case in point being suicide.


  1. How can medical students play a role in suicide prevention – both among peers and society at large?

The solution is rather simple – Just talk. Listen. And listen completely.  Stop yourself from being judgemental, making the other person shelled and shielded, if not for the final time, before their final drastic steps. Your friend might be bearing an immense amount of psyche/soul/(heart) -ache even with an ever-smiling face. If a friend known or even not so known one wants to talk, wants to share his or her part of the story, please do listen. I think any generation is sensible enough not to make fun, humiliate an aching soul and turn oneself to some possible support which could be life-saving! Just be there and communicate to family or appropriate body/ professionals soon. Believe me when I say these simple acts are a lot and can save a life, and the lives of families at large.

  1. Lastly, do you have any final message for our readers?

Guys, you are living in the time of immense promise, endless opportunity, technology-blast but also in the deep hollow of uncertainty, unwitnessed competition hitherto and an emotional black hole, at the same time.

I request you to live your life, accept yourself, accept the other selves, including all good bad and the greys, to have time for yourself, and for your family and friends. Evolutionarily, your generation will face more opportunities and also more obstacles. Stay prepared, accept life mindfully and enjoy the journey at its best. I believe, then or even now, the path may have turned different over time but the beauty of enjoying the journey remains the very same. Take life as it comes, try to shape it as you desire for it; in case you can’t, never to worry, try to re-shape it again, once more. Live your life, love yourself more and give the same back to society and your near ones. Trust me, you gonna get it back even more, much more!


  1. Thank you so much Dr. Tanay Maiti for providing this useful and valuable information and making us concerned. Sometimes we can’t accept our situations and think to quit. This blog will surely be a motivation for everyone.

  2. Thank you Dr Maiti for clearly explaining current day psychological issues. It is really difficult to explain to someone how important it is to take care of emotional health along with physical. But your interview surely gonna change perceptions and put a huge impact! I hope people in our country chose to seek help of therapists more often before its too late.


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