With the advances in  medical science , there have been great innovations in the field of health care and medicine globally. We’ve moved past the miasmatic theory and come to a clear scientific reason for disease occurrence.

However, despite this, there are various other factors which cripple the health system and affect not only healthcare delivery professionals but also the sync of the doctor-patient relationship. Hospital violence has been an issue of major concern for quite some time. Doctors being beaten up mercilessly is all around the news. Despite multiple people from the healthcare fraternity voicing their grievances, not much has been done to control the same. There’s a significant bias in what should be done and what is done.

While we do have laws for violence, there is again a gap in the stringent application of these laws. We see health workers losing vision, becoming mentally disturbed but still we don’t know where to start exactly or rather who is to be put to blame. While some blame it on the overburden of public hospitals, lack of doctors for multiple patients some blame the health system overall as well as the rising discord between patients and doctors. Many believe that gone are the yesteryear days where doctors had more empathy for their patient. Overall, there is a discord and since it has been lying unattended since the longest time possible, factors contributing to it have only added up.

It’s impossible for a country to progress without adequate health indices and these factors will only deter people wanting to get into health care to serve society in the long run. Workplace safety and security is an important aspect for every professional. In no way, should anyone accept violence as a part of their job.

It’s time we take a collective action against this and bring an end to violence.

With respect to the same, we are happy to present our 24th edition on health care violence covering various aspects of hospital violence.




Best Wishes,

Dr.Priyanka Manghani and Anushka Reddy Marri

DE – 24th Edition


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