To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
-Auguries of innocence, William Blake

Dear Readers,
As Lexicon completes its 23rd edition with the theme of the edition as Medicine without borders, a tribute to WHO’s enduring vision of universal health coverage for the year 2018, we bring forth 14 articles from our best writers, each carefully selected at providing but a glimpse of the world of medicine beyond the shores of our subcontinent.
Our theme articles, whether it be a critical look at out of pocket expenditure, or the importance of cross cultural communication and medical tourism, analyse the relevance of developing countries like India in the health spectrum, as well as the future of its people in the face of rising poverty.
The section, Global Vistas, explores the role of technology, chiefly big data and virtual reality, towards reaching new heights in targeted patient care, while Arbor Vitae, aptly titled, highlights the human side of medicine, with articles which speak about the deep psychological scars left by global turmoil, as seen in the refugee crisis, as well as a potential neo-extinction the world may soon witness with rising trends of infectious diseases and super-bugs.
Concluding the edition is a mixed bag, a satirical take on India’s distinction as the world’s snake bite capital, to an original short story that traverses the world of Victorian barber surgeons, to the future that lies beyond.
As directors of the edition, we, Radhika Ramesh and Amogh Nadkarni, sincerely hope our humble effort reaches the grassroots of healthcare professionals, the humble medical student, as pillars and future pioneers of medicine.
Happy reading!


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