A letter to my younger self who just got into the medical college

Dear younger me,

First of all, please make sure no one other than you reads this letter because if they do, they will know, we don’t belong here on this planet and we will have to spend the rest of our lives hiding. So, you must make sure!

So, now let me congratulate you. You must be on cloud nine right now because of finally getting into the medical college. Well, you should be but as far as I know you, you won’t cherish this achievement for long; at the most, a day and once that’s over you will start over-thinking about your upcoming life. Please do not waste your valuable time doing that right now because you already have your entire college life for doing that. I don’t mean to scare you but please, please, I beg you, please be a cooler person now that you have entered college. Please don’t dare to buy any MBBS textbooks before stepping into the college, if you really love reading so much, find something else, anything else! Also, do not ever dare to even hover near the first benches in the lecture theatres, seriously, you are not in school now and people take this stuff really seriously here. 

That doesn’t mean that you should be a last bencher because that’s definitely not where someone so timid like you would want to be, you really need guts to be there. Now that we are talking about lectures, please do not waste your energy noting down everything from those lecture slides. I know, old habits die hard, but it’s high time to give it up. Everything is in your books and it’s already so tedious to memorise them. Do you seriously think you will ever open that classwork notebook? Coming to the books, please do not ever take a senior’s advice because no offence but you aren’t meant to fit in, therefore, either find a senior like yourself, which is impossible, or do not pay heed to anyone at all if you don’t wish to fail.

Now that I think about it, my college life hasn’t really been much different from school life, the only difference being that school used to have a uniform and I never really appreciated that college doesn’t because it’s so hard to wake up every morning an extra half an early just to make sure that my clothes remain different from what I wore a day before otherwise, people at college tend to be really judgemental.

And yeah, there was one more difference, I gave up that urge to stay on top because one college book is already at least five to ten times the length of a school book, my memory already sucks, and at the end of day, you really don’t want to turn your brain into a “pressure cooker”! Do you?

Also, remember, “Grey’s anatomy” that you watched on your Tv screen is way different from “Gray’s Anatomy”, so, please don’t spend that precious pocket money buying that book, moreover, you will always find it in a dusted corner of your college’s library waiting for someone to flip through its pages. You might visit there out of enthusiasm once or twice but only of merely transient enthusiasm, because sooner or later you will realise that you really need to find a life beyond those pages. I will certainly not compel you to get a social life because my dear, you can never be a people person, it’s just a lot of work but this is probably the best time for you to get a hobby. I wish someone had told me this sooner and today I would have had quite a number of blog subscribers (a number which doesn’t sound embarrassing even if that’s not worth bragging about).

Last but not the least, no matter what happens, do not overthink anything, whatever happens, it will either make you laugh at present or in the future.

So, I hope you will adhere to my advice and learn to shine sooner than I did.

Sending loads of love and best wishes.

Yours lovingly,

Your future self

By- Akanksha Mahajan,

3rd year MBBS, Government medical college, 


She is currently a 3rd year MBBS student from Government medical college, Amritsar, Punjab. She is also a passionate writer who believes that creativity is not about perfection but expression and we are all born creative and no matter what profession you join, you shouldn’t let go of that natural creative tendency because your creativity keeps reminding you constantly that you are alive even when you don’t feel so.

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