Article 14: A life beyond the wildest dreams

By- Akanksha Mahajan

(Final year MBBS student,

Government Medical College, Amritsar)

You might just feel scunnered, scared or shy,

But don’t you dare yell, don’t you dare cry!

Even if that’s not your style,

It can’t be that hard to just mask it all beneath a smile.

That’s obviously the only way the world can survive,

You must follow these norms by heart as long as you are alive.

Because you’re just as good as a robot or maybe a slave,

Wellness, well-being- well, that’s not something you’re supposed to crave.

Did you really think that you could just pause to breathe?

Keep up the hustle, don’t make a sound,

Now’s not the time to address those issues underneath,

Does it really matter what you eat when your soul’s already hell-bound?

So what, if your body is having trouble with serotonin or dopamine?

How about trying a drug if you’re that keen?

Messed up neurotransmitters, messed up hormones,

Achy muscles and brittle bones,

And a never ending journey from one pill to next,

Chronically depressed, sleep deprived,

and an unfathomable struggle to do the best,

Today’s over, congratulations, you survived!

It might have started in your head,

And eventually, millions of your cells started to scream,

Are you really glad to be living a life beyond your wildest dreams?

Or did it ever occur to you that you could take a different route instead?

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