The Smart- fit fad

Name: Krish Kherajani

3rd Year MBBS, Terna Medical College

“Technology, like art is a soaring exercise to the human mind”.               – Daniel bell

We are surrounded by this ever-changing world of technology. Humanity is smart, but sometimes in this technological world, we realize that our devices are way more smarter than we are! The latest edition to the ‘smart’ family is the ‘smart watch’. As we explore this new world, we are confronted by the various pros and cons that summarize all the aspects of the smart fit fad.


Fitness apps are a rage in today’s world of “Health Fads”. Online platforms come up with apps and devices to track the users’ calorie intake and physical activity to quantify the “energy balance”. However, most of them don’t work in the right way to help lose the excess blubber!

One of the major faults in these devices is that they work on the pervasive myth that all calories affect the body in the same way. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the “calories in-calories out” theory is an oversimplification of the body mechanics. Experts have known for a long time now that changing hormonal levels play a significant role in body weight. There are even diurnal and seasonal changes in the hormones that affect the body. Certain medications too can add to this. Thus, energy balance is not everything when it comes to weight and health. The energy content of food (calories) matters, but it is less important than the metabolic effect of food on our bodies. However, to most fitness apps, a calorie of high-fructose corn syrup is the same as a calorie of protein.

When you first get your smartwatch, you’ll probably be pumped to use it whenever you can. In fact, a lot of these companies get sales by showing you the benefits of using it 24/7. Do you want to track your waking and sleeping activity? Well, guess what! Your new watch can now do that.

However, limiting your usage of your watch will be key in ensuring that you don’t suffer as many harmful effects from EMF(Electromagnetic field) radiation. Due to EMF Radiation, a smartwatch wearer for a long time tends to find himself prone to nausea and headaches, these symptoms could be the direct result of radiation.

A health risk that often flies under the radar with smart devices like a smartwatch is body dysmorphia.

Due to this effect, smartwatch users reportedly suffer from overeating tendencies. While eating they constantly eat under the bell sound of all the notifications and information that surrounds them. This happens because the mind does not respond to the activity of eating while one is busy with their smartwatch.

They keep eating and can’t feel that it’s time to stop eating.

“It’s all a marketing gimmick” may be the correct way of describing the so-called “Smart” watch.

Ultimately it’s all about the Internal Motivation that’s the actual “Smart” way of getting fit!


Your smartwatch can save your life! Yes, you read that correctly.

How, you might ask?

The latest Apple smartwatch can now monitor your ECG, which means that it can detect any abnormality in your ECG and alert you about a possible heart problem before it occurs.

It’s almost incredulous that a simple analog watch has now transformed into a smart life-saving device.

The traditional tick-tock that we associate with the watch is slowly giving way to TikTok!

Jokes aside, the smartwatch is a  breakthrough in the technological, medical, and fitness world.

Tech facts:

  • The smartwatch is connected to your smartphone which can allow you to accept or reject calls by simply tapping the watch.
  •  The watch is GPS enabled and can be your guiding angel when you’re unable to locate your destination
  • Contactless payment is also a possibility, where you just flash your watch like Ben 10 and within seconds the transaction will go through.

Med facts:

  •  The watch sneakily records your sleep talking (snores too).
  • Your BP, pulse, and respiratory rate is also calculated. (Mini doctor)

Fitness facts:

  • The calorie count per day is maintained which allows fitness freaks to calculate the amount of exercise required
  • Keep a watch (pun intended) on your step count as well!

Fun fact: The biggest feature of the smartwatch, the groundbreaking technological advances with this main feature – it shows you the time! (In case you forgot)






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