-Dr. Kamakshi Bansal
Intern, University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi

Procured and edited by Sharon gracia glenn

Here is a touching and emotional story shared by our colleagues at “White Coat Project

“Right from my early childhood my mother used to wake us up a little early every morning to help her feed the pigeons before leaving for school. Likewise, I saw dad feeding ants, cows and dogs growing up. These experiences gave me immense satisfaction, and I guess the feeling just stuck! Being brought up in a compassionate environment, I learned how to selflessly serve all forms of life- be it humans, plants or animals.

This has now become one of the things that I am the most passionate about! Luckily in my college, I met several like-minded people and that is where all this began, yet again! We have nearly 30 dogs in our campus that we take care of. We feed them, care for their medical needs and give them endless love! We also organized a Winter Coat Drive and bought jackets, reflective collars and blankets for dogs in and around the campus. Over the last 5 yrs that I’ve been here, we have rescued so many dogs – those run over by cars, wounded and fractured, those injured in fights or injured by humans, or even those who have died. Being students, funds are the only thing that limit us. However, there are a lot of generous people out there who have helped us time and again and I can’t thank them enough for doing this!

I fondly remember Dino, now called Gabbar, who was my first rescue pup. At a tender age of 1 month, he was run over by a car and left crying and fighting for his life. His abdomen was ruptured, intestines lying out, spine broken and legs paralysed when we found him. He was lucky to have found the right people at right time and was extremely resilient throughout! We never ran short of funds or foster care for him. Now, he’s been adopted by an amazing family who loves him to the moon and back!

Looking back, I cannot say it has been an easy journey. Rescuing comes with a lot of emotional turmoil, especially when you lose dogs despite giving it your all. It is heart-breaking. But the immense love and satisfaction that I get makes every second worth it! They’ve always managed to lift my spirits up in my bad times. Because there’s always a soul to be touched.”

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