Looking back at Lexicon- Here’s what the team has to say!

I got really lucky in coming across Lexicon right about the time they were recruiting for various posts. In what has only been an amazing journey from being selected as a member of the blogging team, I have read some of the most amazing articles, been inspired to write (and rant) beyond my comfort zone. The “quality over quantity” is clearly seen in every article published!

I also had the opportunity of attending Leximeet, a one of it’s kind conference! It made me realize being the doctor is not an achievement, it is but the initiation into a fraternity that has left behind legacies and stalwarts whose shoes we can only strive to fill! I met the core Lexiconians in person, and dare I say, the people behind this wonderful magazine are more wonderful than this magazine itself!

Glad to be part of something as amazing as this!

-Dr. Ninada KC

I can literally write it out over a million times that I AM A PROUD LEXICONIAN. From being a part of the blogging team to being a participant in SRMP and Leximeet, it’s been a journey that I can’t describe in just a few words. Lexicon bestowed me with amazing mentors and amazing friends. I will be forever grateful to be a part of Lexicon.

– Akanksha Mahajan

“Working in Lexicon, serving, and filling the role of the social media head last year has been an incredible experience! Not only did it help me take up the role as the director in one of the previous editions but has helped me get into the habit of writing articles frequently through the calls for editions.

I think students who are interested in volunteering their time outside the curriculum should definitely take up a role in Lexicon!”

-Dr. Preeyati Chopra

“Being a part of Lexicon has been the most incredible experience. It’s given me the opportunity to channel my creativity and thoughts, provided new experiences and most importantly helped me realise that one can always be more than a just a doctor. Super grateful to be a part of the wonderful team and looking forward to the next decade with Lexicon. :’)”

-Dr. Sadiya Khan

“Lexicon is one of the most amazing things that has happened to me in recent times. I have always wanted to write and design and Lexicon is the perfect tool for it. It helped me overcome my fears and experiment new things. Thank you Lexicon.”

-Karthikeyan G

Lexicon has given me the opportunity to work with an amazing team. A team that has been the most welcoming and has inspired me the most. I’m really thankful for all the people that I’ve known and worked with here and I’m really excited for everything else that’ll unfold in the future!

-Rudrakshi Shetty

“Lexicon is my alternate lens to enquire into the workings of my mind, to peep into the past and my favorite weekend getaway.”

-Dr. Raviteja Innamuri

I started in Lexicon at a time when I was feeling directionless in a year marked by uncertainties for the future. Being a member of the creative team at Lexicon gave me a much needed outlet to express myself and I must say every minute of being a part of this group in the last two years has been a joy.

-Dr. Shraddha Murali

It has been a great journey with Lexicon so far. I joined in as a member of the Blogging Team this year, in March. The core team of Lexicon have a great work ethic and are masters of their craft. Their 10th year anniversary is just a testimony to that. Lexicon has provided me with a creative outlet and a platform to sharpen my writing skills. Here’s to many more happy years with Lexicon.

-Dr. Roma Patil

The past few months at Lexicon have been a great learning experience. I’m more at ease with reading articles and trying to present relevant information for everyone’s understanding. It has also helped me understand the scope of medicine and realise how much there is to still be discovered. Also, shout out to Dr. Geeta Sundar for coming up with some of the best ideas to work on!


I’ve always loved writing as a school student and slowly this passion turned into a dream. A dream of becoming a blogger along with a medical student, so when I came across lexicon I was immediately drawn to it. The creative freedom, along with the work friendly environment over here helped me to hone my talent even further. Before I joined lexicon I had alot of self doubt about my articles and my skills. Thanks to lexicon for giving me the required guidance and always encouraging me to be a better version of myself. At first I was just Hitaishi, but now when someone addresses me as Hitaishi from Lexicon, it fills me with a sense of pride. It gives me a feeling of fulfillment, like it was the missing piece in my life. It’s my solace from the hustle and bustle of the medical world. I thank Dr Suranjana ma’am & Dr Raviteja sir for choosing me to be a part of this legacy.

Special thanks to Anushka for always supporting me throughout my journey.

Lexicon is much more than just a magazine I work with, it’s my home and will always be!

-Hitaishi Thakkar

Lexicon is an emotion- it has been much more than just a magazine to me and has helped me discover a part of me I didn’t know existed! Lexicon has been the perfect ‘lexikon’ by providing such a broad spectrum of content and opportunities. From learning the basics of research to hearing experiences of extremely motivated and qualified individuals, it has provided me with much more than I could’ve asked for!

-Krish Kherajani


-Charbi Gupta

It’s been 6 years with Lexicon for me and this magazine has been instrumental in helping me explore my writing. I’m really proud of being a part of this magazine as I have seen it grow and shine over all these years. Cheers to a successful decade and many more to come.

-Dr Manasi Rege

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