Dr. Geeta Sundar

Lexicon is ten years old! And somewhere down the line, what started off as a mere infant in 2012, is now capable of expanding its wings and creating its own identity. And as I walk through its dense memories, wanting to extract the most memorable moments to share, to honor, to laud, the only thing that emerges shining in its all glory is the human touch in the beautiful collectibles. It reminds me of gazing into a snowball, seeing the glowing glitter fall to the bottom, as I chase each glitter, akin to chasing each striking memory as my mind explodes with the sheer number of the assorted memories.

I am been more than fortunate and grateful to have interacted, learnt and grown over the last decade with Dr. Suranjana Basak, Dr. Raviteja Inamuri, Dr. Rohin Manipur, Dr. Nikhil Tambe, Dr. Ruchira Dhoke, Dr. Sakhi Shah, to name a few, as they have been instrumental in making me think, work and perform at a higher level than I ever knew I was capable of, despite the multitude of other commitments. Through the course of these years, encountering each new set of the young, zealous newbies has inspired me to write, stimulated me to create good content, and learn from them as I see the world in their point of view.

The lessons I’ve imbibed from every member of this family at Lexicon includes patience, communication, experience, pride, humility, entertainment, resilience, hard work, leadership, friendship, determination, sympathy, kindness, tenacity, time, promise, team work, passion and love, that have interlaced my every step to making me the person I am today. Each component, is treasured in my heart, like a selfie stored.

Lexicon came to my life as a saviour, saving me from my own inhibitions, allowing me to express what I have always wanted to, openly, with strength, courage. Memorabilia of Lexicon lies at its very core team, a community, an organization made up of the most intricate patrons, who love to write, to represent and are together a workforce of ebullience.

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