Agrima Kapoor

2nd year M.B.B.S. graduate

Dr RPGMC Tanda, Himachal Pradesh

Dermatology is a medical field concerned with the treatment of various diseases associated with skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. A specialization in dermatology includes various subdivisions like cosmetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology, Mohn surgery, dermatopathology, tele dermatology and immunohematology.

With dermatology being the one of the top branches which doctors seek after under graduation, the cost of investments in terms of fellowships, devices and training also tops the list in terms of investments required to set up a practice.

In order to become a dermatologist a person needs to do a post-graduation or diploma course in dermatology post M.B.B.S. (5) These courses can cost anywhere from Rs. 40,000 (in a government college) to Rs.65,00,000 (in a top tier university).

After completing post-graduation, a dermatologist can super specialize in various subdivisions or can pursue various fellowships to enhance their skill set.

(2)A FCPS dermatology costs somewhere between Rs. 95,000 to Rs. 21,00,000 per year. (4)A fellowship at Boston university medical campus costs around $15000 per year.

Dermatology diagnostic devices consist of imaging, microscopes, immunoassays and molecular diagnostic devices. The investment required to start a skin clinic can vary depending on several factors, including the location, size, equipment, and services offered. The cost of renting or leasing a suitable space for your clinic will depend on the location and size of the facility. One will need to purchase or lease equipment and supplies, such as lasers, microdermabrasion machines, skin care products, and medical devices and hire qualified and licensed staff, including dermatologists, estheticians, and administrative personnel. Necessary licenses and permits are needed to operate a skin care clinic in India. These requirements may vary depending on the location and type of business. After setting up the clinic, you will need to advertise your services through local media, social media, and other marketing channels. All of this requires a hefty sum of investment and years of patience to establish a good practice before the returns start flowing in.

(6) Some of the devices used in a dermatology clinic like-

  • Radio frequency micro needling machine – Rs,1,65,000
  • UVB phototherapy unit- Rs.19,000
  • Dermatology bed-Rs.90,000
  • Dermatology chair- Rs.56,250
  • Diolasheer ice- Rs. 5,00,000
  • Portable diode laser hair removal machine – Rs.4,50,000

(All these prices for the equipment as well as the courses are according to data provided in 2023)

(3)A Bangalore based dermatologist invested her personal savings of Rs 20 lakh and took out a loan of Rs 15 lakh, to launch DermaGlo as a Laser Skin clinic in Whitefield in 2009.

This suggested the amount of investment needed to set up a clinic clearly depends on the facilities and the location of the clinic.

Depending on the services provided and skill set of the dermatologist, more sophisticated and latest technology are needed. In an upcoming branch like dermatology, the rapid advances in science and technology pose a need to simultaneously update the skill set as well as the diagnostic devices which further requires pouring in a continuous investment throughout the practice.



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