Celebrating Navaratri, Medico Style: ALL THINGS WHITE AND…WONDERFUL?

Day 1: Maa Shailputri/White

Written By Dr. Ninada, Tutor, Dept. of Anatomy
AJ Institute of Medical Sciences

Navaratri is all about celebrating the baddie of all goddesses: Durga Devi. I mean, she slayed a monster when no one else could and has a tiger as her consort- need I say anything else?

Each day of Navaratri is dedicated to each form of Durga Devi. the first day is devoted to Maa Shailputri, and the color is white. White symbolizes peace and serenity signifying the absolute form of Mother Nature or Shailputri Devi.

For Medicos, from our aprons to leucocytes, white symbolizes so many different things. So, here’s a gorgeous poem by Dr. Ninada KC to start the celebration.


She was brought wrapped in white
And she exited clad in white
Between the white walls of the hospital
Life unraveled its vibrant colors!

White stands for peace, for calm and purity
A color of the noblest saints and purest of angels
Donned by doctors spreading commitment and integrity
Than angels, we are no less.

However, the whitecoat ceremony was only
The first of many whites that along the journey lay.

In walked Anemia, seemingly composed-
Pale eyes, palms and tongue- our first clinical friend.
Caused for reasons many, Anemia was easily placated
Timely diagnosis and a little attention in the diet was all she asked
But when denied, she raged on attacking,
Until the muscles, heart and kidneys lay defeated!

Young warrior, hold your wheezes,
For there now is a patient with white skin patches
Lighting up also our brains into a train of diseases
Leukoderma, vitiligo albinism- on and on it goes
Melanin takes a vacation and the body plunges
Into an array of disorders, that may even invite cancers!

Foul smell, itchy vagina and cheesy discharge
Announcing “leucorrhoea” is a flag bearer of STDs.
While she should have been educated to be in charge
Of her options of safer sexual practices,
Never too late for us to step in or barge
With the non judgmental care and counseling she needs!

Despite the claims of purity and the title of “Demi-god”
The violence against doctors sees no end.
While you are at it, doing your best,
At a hospital, there will nonetheless be unrest.
But when a patient/ party gets violent or breaks a fight,
Do not forget to activate Code White!

Meanwhile your leukocytes:
Don’t worry bud, you’re not alone
You may not always be aware of us
But we’re fighting silent battles for you!

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