Celebrating Navratri, Medico Style: GREEN FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS

Day 5: Maa Skandamata/Green

-Written by Akanksha Mahajan

I am green, the color of day 5, the day of goddess Skandmata,

The goddess of nurturing, love and care,

I take pride in my ability to absorb your heart’s plight and fear,

The credit might go to my short wavelength,

But soothing the souls is my greatest strength.

Some of you may associate me with envy but I proudly declare myself as the color of life,

After all, I am one who appeared at the hour of the surgeons’ strife,

But at the end of the day, they all agreed,

The green color obviously helped quite well while visualizing the site of the bleed.

Moreover, I am obviously a tranquilizing reminder of those lively lush green woods,

That rejuvenating petrichor and those grasses wearing dewy hoods,

There are infinite more properties I could boastfully reveal,

But do you really need more evidence regarding my ability to heal?

I am not just a symbol of healing, I am a real deal,

Make sure to have greens in bulk,

If healthy and hearty is how you really wish to feel,

Why else do you think I was chosen as the color of HULK?

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