Celebrating Navratri, Medico Style: HOSPITAL BLUES!

Day 3: Maa Chandraghanta/Blue

Written by Dr. Ninada KC,

Tutor, Anatomy Dept., AJ Institute of Medical Sciences

Day 3 of Navratri is dedicated to Chandraghanta Devi, whose name comes from the bell-shaped half moon adorning her forehead. The day is also represented by Blue, for peace and tranquility. For us medicos, the color blue brings to mind so many things, which Dr. Ninada so eloquently expresses:


The gentle blue waves washed ashore
While tender tranquility touched my toe
Set in an entirely contrasting décor
Was an activated code blue
As the curtains of chaos engulfed,
Heartbreaks and grief ensued.

You’d think those Monday blues
Are the worst, but then you’re faced
With Blue Baby syndromes
With methemoglobinemia, oxygen has effaced
A progressive disease that rapidly deteriorates,
If left unattended, death we shall look in the eyes!

While on a merry trek on the mountains, or perhaps
An innocent stroll at the chilly hill station
Bluish fingertips and down you collapse-
Preceding chest pain, dyspnea, impaired cognition
But the cyanosis is around the lips, nose and core
Maybe it’s the central cause you need to cure!

A pact made, stronger than a blood pact,
Sealed with the stains of methylene blue.
A patient convinced employing the utmost tact
To don the blue surgical gown and shoe
A surgeon in her blue scrubs, hands steady as a rock
Mind calm as the sea, focused all round the clock!

While the blue on Durga ma stands for calm,
Is that not a virtue doctors are immersed in
To swallow pride and smile gently without a qualm
For a patient’s best interest is what lies within.
With an absolutely composed exterior,
Suppressing the panic building in the interior!

Blue stands for tranquility, but also for the dedication
The commitment and control doctors have on the situation!

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