Celebrating Navratri, Medico style!

Day 4: Maa Kushmanda/Yellow

-Written by Hitaishi Thakkar

Mata Kushmuta, fourth avatar of Goddess Durga, is credited for creating the entire universe with her smile. The goddess bestows good wealth, health and strength to her devotees. The day of Chaturthi celebrates the color yellow and it’s warm embrace

Yellow is the color of joy, optimism and enthusiasm. It shines on us as a beacon of positive energy but for medical students yellow signifies a journey: from start to end!

Sir back and relax as we take you on a life expedition.

Spread the sunshine

Yellow sky yellow vibe,

Midst the golden hues,

I’ve got some news,

With the morning sickness,

Has new life begun?

Oh yay! It’s the corpus luteum!

In the uterus the baby grows.

As time ticks by

It’s now time for a show.

Oh wait! It’s a baby bro!

The next few hours pass by

As we hear his first cry

Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia comes to being

And shatters our picture perfect dream

Doctors say he got the Aureus,

Golden yellow colonies glow.

Healing with light

And all other things right

Our little angel is now a man

With a glass of wine in one hand

Liver cirrhosis knocks the door

Fatty liver takes the lead.

Medications are unable to heal

Partial hepatectomy does the trick.

The yellow bag takes all the grit

Xanthelasma on the eyelid

With atherosclerosis in the heart

Can’t bear the heaviness, just got an infarct.

Trying to be healthy & fit

Exercise along with my Riboflavin

Breakfast with yolks and bananas

Increased protein does the trick

Lived life King size

Senescence takes the lead

And slowly he stops to breathe

There he goes in the yellow flames

Life starts and ends at yellow

It’s just a journey

From the first hello to the last mellow

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