Written By Dr. Geeta Sundar

Gender discrimination, they said,

I knew a bag of worms would open, 

Shook my head, nada, much to be said,

It is what it is, such is life, what is chosen,

I shall speak, convey, and lay my soul bare,

Coz it’s there, it’s evident, in each piece, 

Feminists beware, this isn’t a game fair,

Not a battle of sexes, or any war lease,

The boy gang, men, and their famous ol’ ways,

I am just a pawn in a bigger social act,

I’m strong, confident, capable, blasé, 

But will fail short on every mark, fact,

I’ll be questioned on each front, slandered in,

Torn apart on every novice I’ve learned, 

Doubted, harassed, always beaten in,

I’m the weaker sex, smaller, caved, burned,

I am handed fewer opportunities, fewer chances,

They dislike my valor and confidence,

I’m no damsel in distress, despite advances,

I’m better, worthy, aim to succeed in silence, 

Ask of their wasted gossip, dirty language,

The cheap behaviors, their attitude,

Women, wine, food and money is damage,

If control prevails, ever so in rare solitude,

They say, every man is not the same,

But the tendency, the tenacity exists,

Look out, before you are scorched by the flame,

Better sorry, careful with regret that persists, 

Times change, but past on repeat dawns,

We get better with years, tougher with days,

Fight to the hilt, but bygones stay bygones,

Can we ever change a system and it’s ways?

Perhaps if every mother, sister, daughter, woman,

Taught the men in her life; respect, morality,

Generosity, gratitude, harmony, being human,

Avoid torture, harassment, and embrace civility,

Maybe then, we stand a chance at redemption,

At correcting the society and it’s norms,

Haven of safety, like an umbrella protection, 

We could all live and lead by example, and form,

Could that glamourous world wander close?

Hopefully a distant future, modern values,

A time for change settles, upbringing glows

Of equality, parity, tolerance and virtues. 

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