Drops to replace spectacles soon for presbyopia

-Dr. Swaralee Khedkar, Intern, SMBT Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Nashik

Presbyopia is the physiological insufficiency of accommodation. It usually occurs in old age, around 40 years. The reason behind that is the receding near point due to age related changes, which leads to loss of near vision. Until now the treatment for the same has been spectacles but this might soon change in the future. 

The USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) has recently approved a sympathomimetic eye drops for presbyopia which could potentially eliminate the use of spectacles for the same. It is made of 1.25% pilocarpine, which is to be used once a day. It will start functioning after 15 minutes and will stay effective up to 6 hours. Vuity eye drop will rapidly adjust the PH level of the tear film, and this action will give temporary relief in vision correction. What the drop does is take advantage of the eye’s ability to reduce pupil size, improve near-vision, and maintaining distance vision.

Clinical trial results of the eye drops are as follows. Two randomized clinical trials have been conducted which included 750 subjects with presbyopia, aged 40 to 55 years old. Half of the participants got the new eye drops, while the others got placebo eye drops. The participants put one eye drop of VUITY or a placebo in each eye, once a day. The medicine began to show positive effects in about 15 minutes, with a sharper vision lasting for around 6-10 hours. The researchers reported no serious side effects in either of the clinical studies. The most common adverse reactions included mild headaches and eye redness. People may also have temporary challenges in adjusting their focus due to eye drops use.

The drops are priced at 79$ and can be used by those who has mild to intermediate presbyopia. The drops shouldn’t be used when driving at night or doing activities in low-light conditions. While using, follow the recommended dose as in higher doses it increases risk of retinal detachments in patients who are nearsighted.


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