A tale of Lubb and Dubb

By- Taj Prabhugaunker,

2nd Year MBBS, GMC-Goa

Twenty two days for the feat.

The day we hear it’s first beat.

Beckoning a new life to start,

marks the debut of our own heart.

It has four chambers with various vessels.

The squad bears all chores and hassles.

When calm and strong, blood evenly pumps.

Stressed and excited, it thumps with jumps. 

When healthy and wholesome, 

It’s our powerful central pillar. 

However, neglected and provoked 

It turns into the world’s number one killer. 

Arrhythmias and Cardiomyopathy,

It brings misery and intruding sympathy.

Atherosclerosis and Hypertension,

Well, it’s about time we pay attention!

Although it may seem to be too late,

you have the capacity to change your fate.  

Drop that cigarette, you don’t want to regret.

Revamp your diet and get set to sweat!

Forbid the covid blues from holding you back,

consult your doctor and take the prescribed meds, 

to avert that lurking heart attack. 

Today, let’s use our hearts to connect.

As every small effort, makes a huge impact!


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