“Health is Wealth” to “Wealth from Health”


Natasha Tungare

Pursuing internship

Sancheti Institute College of Physiotherapy

“A doctor got attacked by 6 people in the ward who seemed to be the relatives of a patient!”

“Patient files a case against his doctor for putting a high amount of charges for his treatment.”

Why nowadays are these kinds of headlines becoming so common? You all too have this question in your minds right! It is said that God cannot be everywhere to heal people and so he created doctors. Is this idiom still being followed? Is this how we treat God’s creation?

And thus the question which arises is how will the patient afford expenses for his own health? The patient isn’t able to afford which leads to poor treatment, which enrages the patient and this ultimately leads to violence against doctors. The cycle this goes on! It is not the doctor’s fault because they always do their best to give the best treatment. And even the patients aren’t at fault because they deserve their basic right and that’s nothing but healthcare. This ultimately leads to an uncertain misinterpretation of patients that doctors do not treat properly or charge more than required.

It is really shameful that due to some professionals in healthcare, people generalize that doctors charge too much. Many of corrupts claim faulty government policies and thus charge the patients too much saying that this is what the government has made public. Poor and illiterate people easily fall prey to this. People thus have lost faith in doctors. It is human for a common man to feel offended and lose trust due to such malpractices. These days relatives of patients directly run into the doctor’s room and hit the doctor. Even though the doctor isn’t at fault. Why? Just because some doctors perform malpractices does not mean that all do.

Due to enhancing healthcare expenses, people in developing country like India are finding it difficult to cover their treatment costs. It is really good that many government hospitals offer free services for senior citizens, policies and trusts working for below poverty line people makes it easier for them. But many healthcare centres which provide advanced treatment techniques are highly costly, so much that hardly even a middle-class person would be able to afford. There are pros and cons of everything and now healthcare domain has become a victim of this. Even basic necessity like healthcare is now turning into a business where people are worried about prices and not their health!

I truly wish that those few corrupt doctors who are into malpractices get punished and the genuine doctors get justice so that the “health business” is no more a business but a genuine service to mankind!



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