Jumping Over The Bumpy Lumps

-Nikhita Kalra,

Final Year MBBS, Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi

Breast Cancer Hair Ribbon Vector Free | AI, SVG and EPS

This October, let’s all come together
To be aware of breast cancer,
It can afflict, you must remember,
A man or a woman, you or a family member.
A new lump in your breast or in the area of your armpit,
A thickening of the overlying skin, you must not omit.
From the nipple, if you see a bloody discharge,
Or suddenly, if one breast seems enlarged,
Then take no time and visit a doctor.
If your mother or sister were victims of this disease,
Then you are at risk, it’s important to be screened.
Based on the risk each of us face,
Screening begins at the age of forty or above.
It’s not a disease that affects everyone,
But by raising awareness, if we save even one,
The war, my friends, is successfully won!

Risk Factors for Breast Cancer - Dr Lal PathLabs Blog

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