An experience worth cherishing forever…

-Akanksha Mahajan (Final year MBBS, GMC Amritsar)

I think I must have been one of the really privileged people who got the opportunity to be part of “LEXIMEET 2022: The medical student empowerment summit”, held in Navi Mumbai on 3rd and 4th September 2022. So, you must be wondering, why do I exactly feel so privileged? Because for the start, this conference was certainly the need of the hour for contemporary undergraduate medical students and it was literally one of its kind. The theme of the event was “Beyond the medical college” aiming to solve the problem of lack of apart-from-medical knowledge and inadequate resources. This summit was the answer to all the questions in a medical student’s life focusing on struggles and approaches to post-graduation opportunities in India (NEXT, NEET PG), in US (USMLE), UK (PLAB), IMGs, research and publications, newer career options after MBBS (including defence, civil services, healthcare management, medical law etc) mental health awareness, career aptitude and guidance sessions, strategies and approach to a successful clinical practice, doctor-patient relationship, financial investments, medical innovations, artificial intelligence and technology avenues, panel discussions with Doctor-Entrepreneurs, Specialists, Urban-Rural practice scenario and so much more. Isn’t that what we all as medical students really need right now?

Ever since the COVID restrictions were lifted, as far I know, every month, one or the other med-school has been organizing a UG medical conference. But if I am being honest, this conference will always have my heart. Firstly, because most of the UG conferences have workshops for stuff we can always learn from our college unlike, LEXIMEET, because every workshop, keynote focused on delivering the information that we can’t find anywhere else so easily, as in, everything was basically served to us on a platter. 

Most importantly, it was so inspiring to hear the stories of all the esteemed speakers, such as Padma Shree Dr. Alka Deshpande, who shared her struggles and such valuable lessons from her career. I loved how she taught us to be proud of our mother tongue no matter where we are and said, “If I’m not ashamed of my mother, I can’t be ashamed of my mother tongue.” 

The most favorite workshop of mine amongst them all was the CV building workshop by Dr. Suranjana Basak. Her words still keep rewinding in my head, how she motivated us to ‘CREATE THE OPPORTUNITIES’. It was mesmerizing to learn how Lexicon was established by MBBS students, like us, who were just trying to create their opportunities and ended up paving the path for a world of a million more opportunities for future medicos as well. It really touched me because as an MBBS student, I have often been discouraged by my seniors especially, to pursue extra-curricular activities. For instance, I am really addicted to writing, but whenever, I share some blog etc., I receive comments from people saying, how are you managing your academics, you seem really confident that you will pass. And these sentences scare me like hell. But the story of the founders of Lexicon, Dr.Suranjana, Dr. Raviteja taught me that where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way, and being an MBBS student doesn’t mean that you have to be a bookworm all the time. You will find several CV-building workshops but this one was truly something that shouldn’t have been missed. It was lovely how Dr. Basak advised the research enthusiasts that no matter in what part of the world, they get to present their research, they shouldn’t hesitate from wearing their traditional outfits because they would be representing their nation in front of an international audience. Well, I don’t think you would come across such priceless words anywhere else. 

The conference didn’t just guide us to reach the desired goals that we wanted to but at the same time, made us aware of several more opportunities and pathways that were available to us, sometimes, even making us rethink the choices that we had in our minds. 

Last but not the least, how can I forget those fancy delegate kits? xD

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