Protecting The Golden Shield

Taj Prabhugaunker, 2nd year MBBS,

Government Medical College, Goa

Behold nature’s liquid gold!

The gift most precious, she bestowed.

While oxytocin and prolactin form a team

breastfeeding the baby, the feeling is supreme.

Exclusive feed for the first six months is a must.

Two years or beyond with complementary food we say,

as it helps keep breast cancer at bay.

But there’s a catch, that’s perfecting the latch.

The four basic positions of feeding, let’s learn.

Cradle, cross cradle, side-lying and the football hold,

the gateway to the trust the mothers earn.

Nurse the baby at home, in a park or in the dark.

In the rain and in front of those who complain.

The spectators giggle and some may wriggle,

let them contort their face, as the baby suckles with utmost grace.

For, the infant gets a head start.

Enhanced immunity, elevated intelligence and shrinking morbidity.

Easy to digest and nourish,as the child progresses to flourish.

Alas, the mum’s trek is no cakewalk, still she keeps her cool

With red raw nipples, often blistered, cracked and bleeding.

A selfless lioness, she soars high on the rollercoaster ride.

Soaking in the ecstasy of embracing the baby to her heart,

glowing with radiance of motherhood, being the best part.

Mind, the breast milk substitutes and formula feed.

It’s a last resort to be used.

None to match a mother’s breast milk bond,

though you check the WHO code.

So, let’s be aware, know the facts and enforce the IMS act.


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  1. Rain Carter says:

    Beautiful, informative and authentic!

  2. Prachiti says:

    Beautifully written💯💯🙌

  3. Shubhangi yuvraj Chavan says:

    It’s a wonderful thought and knowledge provided to all wonderful ladies in the society.

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