“21st August- Senior citizens day”

The Ultimate Bane

-Akanksha Mahajan
3rd year MBBS student from Government medical
college Amritsar, Punjab

Ageing-the ultimate bane of one’s life,
with each cell of your body struggling in the strife..
Dimly eyes, silver thatched,
Timorous tremors, puckered, patched,
Laying down there in dingy dark,
with each passing day taking away a peace of the
soul’s spark,
wobbling with a body so achy and stiff,
broken and deserted, dangling down the edge of the
waiting helplessly for someone to hold that hand,
waiting helplessly for someone who could actually
The hands that nurtured, the hands that nourished,
Just for a while, can’t they be cherished?
maybe you could atleast try turning their bane into a
during their night, if not the sun, maybe you could try
being the moon!

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