Stand Together

With nothing to lose and weight to gain,
We stand divided, fighting again.
The enemy surrounds us,
Invisible yet invincible.

“Your God did that!”
“No, yours did!”
Arguing over the abstract,
Behind our ego and phones, we hid.

Millions of years of evolution
And a billion inventions,
Still, We do nothing
More than blame each other’s religion.

We are at the brink of reaching Mars,
A type I civilisation at our door,
Yet we consume ourselves with hate,
All the while conquering space.

All these achievements,
Yet a virus showed us our place
Let it not best us
By contributing to a silly arms race.

We are humans,
Top of the food chain.
Let us stand together.
Put that little virus to shame!

By Prakrut Paidisetty

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