The Firefly

-Anwesha Singh

Love. We all have been through this phase, at some or the other point in our lives. No exceptions. All of us have cherished this amazing feeling, spent hours together in our own worlds of bliss, not knowing when we pop out of it.

Some are really lucky, if they get to spend the rest of their lives with someone whom they truly and madly love. But fortune does not favour a considerable part of this human race, which is not so successful in its love life.

But do we really know what love is?

Everybody has their own definition of love. Some believe in the Romeo and Juliet sort of love, while some hold faith in the ‘not so serious’ version. Some live to love, while some love to live.

But love should not be entitled to just one person, in its true sense. It is not something to be proclaimed. It is not something to be exhibited. It is something that we must express, not through the words we say but through what we actually do. When our parents ask us where we are, it might be their tone of anger that makes us feel exasperated, or maybe, annoyed after a point of time. But most of us fail to realize that this anger, this worry, hides a much more powerful force- the force of love. The force that arouses concern for the other, that makes us selfless. The force that makes us forget all else, save the other’s happiness. That pushes us to enact the role of a ‘firefly’ to eliminate the darkness, the gloom from the life of the other.

Here is a poem, a part of which anyone our age can relate to. But another part of which, never a cake walk, but is indeed true love in its entirety.

In the crawling days of her youth
That bore monotony in every trace
She lay unruffled in an impervious couth
Dragged with the world’s unaltered pace.

Wandering into her life, like a firefly,
Into the gloomiest labyrinths of her soul,
He made her feel like the brightest diamond,
Voided her belief of being the darkest coal.

To others he was just a speck of dust,
That soon embodied with the universe,
He whooshed into her like a powerful gust,
Lifting her soul from its lonely herse.

That was the start of a remarkable phase,
Of the warmth of friendship and fidelity
That stood aloof from the dreaded gaze
And the icy fangs of people’s jealousy.

Neither the master of envious suavity,
Nor the owner of a covetous physique,
His prizest gift being his simplicity,
His charm, his persona- so mystique.

Their days were full of endless chatter,
Of the world, its people and their myriad fahions,
Their nights abounded in things that matter,
Of love, ambition, and thought of ration.

“Wish we could live in a faraway land,
Away from the spiteful world”, said he
“Where there were vast beaches of sand,
But no one at all, just you and me.”

Who knew they would meet one day?
Who knew they would grow so close?
But neither the obnoxious weed is to stay,
Nor the beauty of a bright red rose.

What happened to them was same old life,
That pushed them towards their goal,
Their friendship, on the tip of a knife,
Still held steady though days may roll.

They stood at the zenith of the peaks,
That they had so successfully climbed,
Their lives now painted in varied streaks,
Still they shared their good-bad times.

But one fine day, out of the blue,
His disposition took a different turn,
“Why the sudden change in hue?”
She ask’d; for the old pal she would yearn.

But it wasn’t too late when she realis’d,
That her old mate was much the same,
That his new attire, his brand new guise,
Was for no one else, only hers to tame.

For he had found another comrade
Which, she knew, had taken her place,
Still he was the extraordinary lad,
Only to the new mate, in his novel space.

Broken she was but had nothing to say,
About his unknowing act of oblivion,
She let the firefly go, far far away,
Her heart shattered into a pieces million.

But his happiness, meant her a fortune,
And so to herself, said she,
“One day we shall sing the same old tune,
Rebuild our world, in a distant country.”

“Where beneath the endless sky,
And the vast expanses of the deep blue sea,
There shall be none to pass us by,
With souls entwined, just you and me.”

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