– Dr. Geeta Sundar

I have often come across professionals in the various fields in medical science, with one common lacking – they don’t see the whole picture. These professionals train and train, study, read, and reach into depths of a particular topic that resonates their interest, but they refuse to see the complete scenario.

They focus their energies into reading the symptoms at hand, often with an underlying assumption that if the patient has come to them, it’s for their respective expertise in the field, and forget to gaze at the patient in front of them, rather, they treat the symptoms with the most clear precision. They divert all attention on the pressing issue at hand and don’t even provide a safe haven for expression of the real cause from the patient. Most times than not, the real cause is just brimming at the surface, creating ripples but goes unrecognized due to the blind insight they bear.

Thing is, maybe the symptoms are because of something else, or is a derivation from something else…but given the fast paced lives we lead with hardly a few minutes spent with each patient, the golden days of spending almost half hour with the patient (like we’d do in a clinical exam scenario) is unheard of.

I believe everything connects.

Somewhere, somehow, and leads to everywhere and everything. It causes us, it destroys us, it makes us and breaks us. We are at the helm of its responsibility.

We are literally made up of energy with all the cells having membrane potentials and volts. I believe energy is transferred from one form to another, from one symptom to another and eventually it’s the same energy in our actions, our words, our thoughts that runs the world.

Maybe that’s why all those years ago they believed in the chakras and its energies. But walk on this path with me as I extrapolate that same energy to all living things and what we associate ourselves with.

Similarly, the energy I’d put into recognizing the real cause, would eventually contribute to the correct diagnosis of the patient, and hence he/she would have a better chance at healing and whence a better life, ergo, more energy to contribute to the running of this world, the functioning of systems, more production, more economy, more GDP, more resources, renewability…and the cosmos.

Yes, I understand it’s an alien, albeit, a grossly philosophical concept that most would not have approached or considered, but, nonetheless, it can exist. If we are prepared to believe time has a fourth dimension, I think we could extend the same courtesy to the energy systems that make up this world, and us too.

Having being ATLS certified, I recently updated my knowledge on the ACLS skills as per AHA. The most common question I received at the course was – “Why are you taking it?”, where me, a surgeon was doing this, as supposed to usually only the ER doctors, anaesthetists, physicians taking it up. And I was so indignantly embarrassed to admit that for the first few times, I awkwardly gave excuses citing my need to stay updated, till I realised how updating these guidelines made me holistically prepared for any scenario. If my patient ever crashes, trust me, I am going to be there, I am going to read the whole ECG – junctional rhythm or re-entrant, or any damn arrhythmia (I mastered ECG, even though once it used to represent my graveyard) – and do my best to save that person.

I guess this is just my commitment to adding my bit for an integrated approach. And while the rest of the community I stand with can assume someone else will come, or to call someone more competent to handle the situation; before they arrive, take over and even after, I will be there, doing my bit, because that’s just who I am. These are the steps I take, and the longer miles I walk.

My energy there, in that resuscitation, may contribute to further embody the energy of the universe and may save a life. May. If it doesn’t, it teaches me team work, teaches me strength and a never-give-up attitude, which I will take, coz there is energy in that too, that builds me to give more energy in life saving measures at another instant in life.

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