At Your Beck and Call

Written by Arushi Sadana, Final Year MBBS, Adesh Medical College

Unconscious, pulseless, oozing a sea of blood,

Mob smashing the door and thundering loudly

Breaking the norms and the panes,

The death of their loved ones,

Had given chills down the spine,

Anger had veiled upon them,

Carrying it on their sleeve,

Slamming doctors and bursting aloud.

Witnessing this I pondered,

Countless battles between life and death,

Those hands saw blood, but never bled this red themselves,

Effective CPR, defibrillation, blood bank,

They did all they could, at this rank

Cogitating I wondered,

Wasn’t it just their job?

Should they be treated like this by the mob?

Breaking panes and mobilising rallies in the lanes,

Is it how it’s supposed to be?

The white coat saw stains

Both red and mud,

Yet refused to surrender

The countless hurdles & puddles encountered,

The battles they never saw coming,

Perhaps med schools didn’t have this in their curriculum,

A flock of people I’d definitely be shunning.

“Despite all the hussel and tussel,

Getting this notch on my belt,

I knew I would have to bear the brunt,

That’s the perk and peril it takes to be a doctor,

You’re their rescuer or their withholder.

Nevertheless, keeping the winds of service sweeping,

We continue trying tooth and nail,

To make them happy and hail”, the doctor replied as she hung the board of 24 hours service again.

About the Author: I’m Arushi Sadana, pursing MBBS in Adesh medical College Bathinda. An avid reader and writer. Medicine and poetry are a perfect combination to keep me sane and going.

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