Celebrating Navratri, Medico Style: POSITIVELY PINK

Written by Dr. Geeta Sundar

Day 9: Maa Siddhidatri/Pink

The color for gender reveal is just a start,

Often times shaded for a gorgeous heart,

Representing centuries of nostalgia and romance,

Coding now for breast cancer awareness enhanced,

Many medications embroiled in this polychromasia,

But don’t forget froth of pulmonary edema,

Pink Lady isn’t far on the GERD list,

Or nurses in the OBGyn wards on long shifts,

Diluted form of blood, always a scare, a terror,

Drugs cast in this tint for all kids, adding sweet,

Termed ‘strawberry’ in clinics when it looks replete,

Anti-oxidants, female pills, the market is always neat.

I wonder how much we’d see under the microscope

Without the magic of eosin and its wide scope,

Two lines can create so much joy, so much anxiety,

Wrapped and warped in a cloud of indifferent society,

Roth spots, Janeway lesions, multiple blots on the surface,

Dermatology understands the varied paint in all race,

From plaques, scales, vesicles, bullae, papules to patches,

Connective tissue disorders, myositis, sclerosis, and SLE flashes.

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