Celebrating Navratri, Medico Style: ORANGE-LY GLAD

Day 7: Maa Saraswathi/Orange

Written by Akanksha Mahajan

I’m the color of the day seven, the day of the goddess Kaalratri,

The goddess who ensures that all your troubles are gone.

For I’m the color that marks the dawn,

I embellish the tangerines, your favorite vitamin C rich food,

Don’t you adore me for the ways I uplift your mood?

With tonnes of exuberance & enthusiasm, I fill in your sight,

I’m the Warrior who saves your pill bottles from the UV light,

Obviously I had to be the chosen one when they needed a color code for the disaster,

What else could be a better color to make them all evacuate faster?

I might act as an alarm at times when my hues appear in your urine,

Indicating a cirrhotic liver, or a problematic bile duct or perhaps intake of a medication like sulphasalazine,

Access carotenoid intake or carotenosis might as well make me a appear in your skin,

But no matter what, just go see a doctor instead of  regretting that past sin,

I know I might frighten you like a ghost at times,

But don’t you think my diligence for your sake deserves some admirable rhymes?

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