Fatherly love : A Daughter’s Perspective  

-Dr. Chetana Rajesh, SRIHER, Chennai

This Fathers’ Day 2022, we at Lexicon bow down to the contributions that a Father of a medical and paramedical student makes; educating and supporting them and being the pillar of understanding, love, strength and undying commitment.

Some are defined by a protective instinct, 

With fierceness, others made distinctly, 

Some provide the ideal shoulder to lean on, 

Some restore hope when everything seems lost. 

At times, their hearts may be made of stone, 

Some may have left us long ago; 

Some may seem more understanding, 

But in the end, all of them are equally loving. 

Some may share our profession,

That may seemingly increase our tension, 

And some may not, 

And explaining ourselves may seem like a lot .

But neither profession not their protective instinct, 

It is every fathers love that makes them distinct, 

And it’s not always easy to understand, 

Yet often, your every wish, secretly or not becomes their command.

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