Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: To release or not to release…

-Written by Rahul Mody

The month of November is upon us. And with it comes its year-ending challenges. No shave  November, for the beard enthusiasts, was a popular trend that started years ago to raise  awareness and money against prostate cancer. However, the power of “memes” in today’s society  and world has gotten the better of us and has given birth to the infamous “No Nut November”.  

To put it simply, No Nut November (or “NNN” for short) is an internet trend centered around  abstinence from any form of male ejaculation during the entire month of November. What may have started out as simply a light hearted joke, has spiraled into a large community of people on  the internet who seem to take this challenge quite seriously. It seems to have originated back in late 2010 but has only grown in popularity on social media after 2017. Now, with radical trends comes the radical implications. Throughout this article, we will discuss the medical pros and  cons of following such a challenge.  

To start off, we must clarify that masturbation in itself is not bad per se. Rather, it’s just that you shouldn’t want to have to do it every time an uncomfortable feeling occurs. Similar to alcohol,  you don’t want to have that ‘need to drink’ every time you feel anxious or stressed. So, a sort of  positive that comes with NNN is the ability to believe that you don’t need that sort of “extra stimulation” in order to feel the pleasures of an orgasm. There is no real medical benefit to this  practice of abstinence but rather it is a test of willpower and can show signs of control and  discipline which may help to improve mental health overall. People who participate in this challenge diligently have reported an increase in energy and motivation levels. Although initially quite challenging (possibly due to lesser dopamine production), people have reported to have better control over their emotions as a whole. Being able to overcome the challenges results in a  heightened sense of self which translated into a heightened sense of confidence which is portrayed in your daily interactions and activities.  

Masturbation is also equated with reduced energy levels and is known to induce sleep causing fatigue. A study in 2003 gave conclusive proof that semen retention increases testosterone levels which leads to better muscle mass development and red blood cells count. This finding has been used by athletes for a long time for better energy retention. An increase in testosterone thickens the hair, improves bone density and overall sperm quality. Finally, For many men dealing with erectile dysfunction, sex or masturbation can become especially stressful. It could cause a man to  physically and emotionally withdraw from his partner. Taking a break from sex or masturbation can greatly reduce some of the pressure or anxiety surrounding the relationship. 

While the benefits of NNN come simply from personal experiences, the potential disadvantages  have some definite, medically backed up claims. There is evidence that suggests that ejaculation can have positive physical and mental health benefits, including stress relief, improved erectile and heart health, and reduced risk of prostate cancer. Masturbation can be helpful in inducing sleep and releasing endorphins that helps to relive pain, reduce stress, and improve sense of well being. As long as it’s within your control, ejaculation can simply promote an overall healthier lifestyle.  

The internet is a special place. And with its growing influence on the minds and habits of people,  we must tread carefully to ensure that people are fully aware of the consequences to their actions.  Accepting and following new fads may be a popular trend socially, but at the end of the day, Health and welfare must be placed first.

Contrary to the memes, Being successful in this challenge doesn’t actually mean that you’ll get supernatural powers. Take the trend as it’s meant to be i.e. a light hearted and fun challenge. As Joycelyn Elders once said,

“We know that more than seventy to eighty percent of women masturbate, and ninety percent of men masturbate, and the rest lie.”

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