Struggles: Equity vs Equality

The world struggled to breathe, 

As 2020 brought with it, the worst pandemic, 

From this ongoing crisis, we continue to wreathe, 

But the world seems to be sinking faster than the Titanic. 

As resources grow scarce, 

A dilemma presents, 

For healthcare professionals, a confusing state of affairs,

Should morals be upheld or should ethics? 

Ethics calls for equity, 

But resources don’t allow it, 

In times of grave uncertainty, 

For HCPs, even the right course feels like a mis-hit.

Yet day after day, 

Hoping the outcome will be better, 

They hope for lesser deaths today, 

But the pandemic rages on, leaving attendees bitter. 

And as the crisis grows, 

The healthcare system is pushed to its limits, 

And now where hope was, only dispose flows, 

Leaving no room to uphold professional ethics. 

And in this broken land, 

Full of disparity, 

Ethics seem to be written on sand, 

Washed away by lack of equity and equality.

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