World Haemophilia Day

– Akanksha Mahajan

MBBS Student from Government medical college


Hey there! 

Hope you are doing well,

To be honest, I don’t think I am,

Are you wondering who I am?

Well, Haemophilia is my name,

17th April is the day when I earn most of my fame.

But please don’t get me wrong,

Please pay heed to my heart’s melancholic song.

For the start, I’ve never really been proud of my birth, 

Because I am nothing but an error in DNA multiplication,

I am nothing but a genetic mutation,

Who bestows you humans with a deadly dearth, 

When I deprive your beautiful bodies of clotting factors,

And I devour your life’s most cherished chapters.

Trust me, I hate watching you bleeding and bruised,

I definitely do-not wish to witness you convulsed and confused.

I am utterly exhausted after all these years of watching you get sick,

I wish I could just get eliminated already yet I couldn’t find the trick.

For now, awareness seems to be the only key,

Well, timely diagnosis might be a step towards setting us all free.

My heart sobs while my soul gets drenched in these blood filled tears,

Would you observe this day this year and help me fight my fears? 

Today’s my life’s most significant date,

I hope this day helps me put an end to my cursed fate.

This year, this day’s dedicated towards ensuring access for all,

Partnership, policy and progress being the three pillars to prevent the fall.

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