You had me at CHOCOLATE

-Written by Hitaishi Thakkar, Medical Student & Blogger

Feeling sad? Here’s chocolate!

Are you happy? Let’s celebrate with some chocolate!

Bored? Uhmm here’s a chocolate!

Irritated? I’ve got you a box of chocolates!

Falling in love? Here’s a chocolate gift box!

One thing about chocolates is that it’s the ultimate comfort food. If there’s one common thing between children and adults, it’s their undying love for chocolate. 

What makes it a crowd favorite is that it’s so diversified and consists of different varieties for different palates. We’ve got the classic milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark bitter tasting chocolate for the not-so-sweet taste.

The greatest discovery in the modern era ( at least for chocolate lovers) has been the discovery of a new kind of chocolate known as. ” RUBY” Chocolate.

WHATTTT? they discovered a new chocolate (but hey, that’s not even an exaggeration)

Ruby chocolate was made from a pink cocoa bean discovered in 2017 and has captured the world’s attention since then. Being naturally pink with a berry flavor it’s labeled as nature’s gift to us. Aside from the baby pink colour it has brought in a new spectrum of desserts with it. 

Being a self proclaimed food critic that I am, I immediately dived into the internet cave to find out more about it and was privileged enough to be able to taste it.

Needless to say, I was enthralled with the berry chocolate amalgamation and the overall flavour of the chocolate ( YES, I’m clearly obsessed) it’s truly one of a kind and unlike any other chocolate I’ve ever tasted.

It’s got the sweet and sour berry flavour which makes it likable and tasty (No one asked but isn’t it exciting?) 

If eating chocolates was a crime, I’d be behind the bar ( lame joke alert) but in all seriousness, what’s so enticing and addictive about chocolate? 

Chocolates affect our brain in profound ways. They release “endorphins” or what we call “feel good” substances in the brain.

That’s why after eating chocolates, you may experience a more positive outlook.

Studies have also shown that eating chocolates may in fact boost our overall well being by releasing ‘serotonin’ which is also called the ‘happy hormone’ 

They are the ultimate stress busters as they ( chocolates obviously) suppress the release of the stress hormone cortisol.

 Dark chocolates contain Theobromine, a caffeine like substance in them which can stimulate the brain. For the uninitiated, simply put, it wakes you up and boosts your energy. Dark chocolate is said to improve attention span, memory, reaction time and observation skills as well. It also releases antioxidants which gives it an anti aging factor, which could benefit people prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Some studies have also associated chocolate intake with a decrease in stroke (now this is a stretch)

But aside from all the benefits, the problem with chocolates is the other ingredients added to it, like sugar or vanilla which make it very addictive in nature.

They can also cause obesity when taken in excess. While dark chocolate has proven benefits beware of the offenders that snatch away the health benefits ( for example caramel & marshmallows)

Chocolates are also high in calories so they should be enjoyed in moderation. It’s wise to look at the ingredient list before consuming chocolates for its benefits (obviously no one does that, but just a disclaimer)

They cause excessive weight gain rather quickly which can predispose to several conditions like diabetes & hyperlipidemia.

So in conclusion, eating chocolates is like walking on a double edged sword, you never know when the risks could outweigh the benefits. 

Even though we’re tempted to call chocolates healthy because they’re basically made from cocoa which is obtained from plants, it’s a far cry from salad (sad reality of life) and can only be an occasional small sweet treat.

It doesn’t have a place in our staple diet and daily consumption is to be avoided.

Now that you’ve made it so far into the article I urge you to grab a piece of chocolate (just a small one, please don’t overdose) and experience euphoria! 

On a totally unrelated note, here’s a joke nobody asked for:

What do you call a kitten dumped in chocolate? A kit kat

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