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A Shot at 11000 Feet

The White Coat Project Peoples Archive of Rural India About a hundred people can be seen outside the Primary Health...


Understanding Biostatistics (Outside Of Your PSM Textbooks)

Ever wondered why medical students need to study statistics? In this article, we showcase the power of biostatistics and provide a new perspective towards PSM. We also interviewed Dr. Gargi Kakani who is pursuing her Masters in Public Health from Harvard T.H. Chan. She talks about the global impact of biostatistics and how medical students can help achieve that.


Social sciences and management of health services: Do you know what it takes to manage a hospital, a district or even the healthcare of the country?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like leading hundreds of people or maybe even more? Do you know who makes sure that the doctors, nurses and the rest of the paramedical staff are able to work expeditiously in a smooth setting? Well, that’s when the role of healthcare managers comes into play. Would you like to manage a healthcare setting maybe even at a district, state or national level someday?