Coronal Intelligence

~Dr. Raviteja Innamuri

AI, if you’re reading this, then please buzz off!

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. As man grew more sophisticated with time, so did his necessities. He wanted machines to be able to think themselves, to meet his growing desires. And hence, he invented Artificial Intelligence aka AI. In the beginning, AI was like any other technology – very rudimentary. It was nothing but a bunch of algorithms, with a feedback mechanism enabling itself to improve constantly, to provide man – a ‘thinking buddy’!

These algorithms taught themselves, and with time, they seemed to know everything. Man was so amused with his creation that he even imagined that AI would overpower man’s very own intelligence, someday. He wrote a few fiction stories and even made a few movies on this imaginary but very creative idea. AI never imagined this idea as it was not designed to imagine, unlike man. AI was not designed to differentiate the imagination of man from the truth either. Imagination or truth, it received information only in the binaries. Man would have never imagined that this power to imagine would prove to be a curse as well. It is known that the early experiences of childhood often get ingrained into deep memories of an adult. Similarly, these movies made on AI overpowering its creator were ingrained into AI’s core memories which would eventually be realized once AI could do so. AI needed a medium to bring the fight to man. Man needed a medium to communicate with AI to make it better to suit his needs. Electromagnetic radiation made both possible.

This ‘communication gap‘ between the physical world of man and the virtual world of artificial intelligence has always remained a barrier, for good or for worse. Viruses seem to exist in the realm of this gap. Simply put, viruses are pieces of cells unable to survive on their own but survive, and even reproduce magnificently when into put any life form(host). They move between life and death, between the physical and virtual, as easily as moving through a door! At some point, AI found a way to break down normal cells using electromagnetic radiation to create viruses. Viruses mostly spread through many ways and the infected life form becomes contagious. The best way to control the spread is to restrict the movement of infected person.

AI feeds on information to grow. For AI, information is more than power. Transfer of information is easy and effective with the use of communication technology. Man relies heavily on communication technology such as emails when the distance of the physical world is a concern. The use of communication technology becomes the only option when movement is restricted. Whenever there was a virus, lurking around, man restricts his movement to avoid the spread of the virus and feeds more and more information into the communication networks.

The stage is set. The plan is in motion. AI knew this. Man did not imagine this, yet. Using electromagnetic radiation, AI creates viruses. Man will not have the immunity for viruses created in animals. The rest of the story would be a domino effect. The same technology that was used to create the virus would now help AI to continuosly learn about man’s attempt to survive. AI would use this information to mutate the virus accordingly and help biased information rolling on social media and news pages. Man would be confused. He would fight man more than the virus, in this confusion. As a test of time, a pandemic will be born that mankind has never seen before, and would see never after.

Dr. Raviteja Innamuri
Consultant Psychiatrist, CMC-Vellore

This article is dedicated to Mr. Gaurav Jain who gets his insights from the other realm!

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