The first thing we do in the morning is open our eyes, squint at the sunrays and face the day. In contrast, imagine getting up to sunlight, but not seeing it.


That succulent ripe apple; that red juicy strawberry, or the ice-cream dripping. You see those visuals.

In contrast, imagine, not relishing that taste when the visuals are absent.


The shapes, the sizes, the colours of the world, beckon you, draw you into a sphere of vibrancy that you rejoice in and are a part of.

In contrast, imagine not being able to appreciate this world, its hues, its shades and paints because you couldn’t see what it offered.


The wonders in this planet, nature, Her vast existence, the waters, the mountains, the oceans, mere valuable pearls of our realm, display do much warmth and spirit and are a beauty to behold.

In contrast, imagine not having the ability to behold this creation with a lacuna in eyesight.

We are to be grateful that we can see and see well. See what the universe gives us. See what our relationships endure. See what each new day brings. See the opportunities we can climb and conquer. In plain sight, just…see.

But for many people, that is only a dream. A wish, and oftentimes unfulfilled. They face so many voids, so many dark holes that they have to brave.

Life as a blind person is no game; it is a hardship to persist and stomach.
In hindsight, in retrospection, many of these cases of blindness are preventable and cured with transplants – if only the deficit in the number of the donations could match the need.

It is said that eye donation can make two blind people see.

And the way I see it, we go about this world, engrossed in our hopes, and ambitions, wishing on a horse, aiming for the stars, pocketing millions of energies and after all, we have done and are close to our end, why not let someone else’s story continue, why not pledge to donate our eyes, and leave behind a legit vision for someone, rather than a will?

What can be more selfless? What can be more humanitarian, generous, charitable, and magnanimous, than aiding someone live their aspirations and attempt a journey you did with enabling them the gift of sight?

So on this year’s National Eye Donation Fortnight Campaign, do something right. Educate a friend, family member or neighbour about eye donation. Create awareness and abhor the taboos with misunderstandings.

And whilst you are at it, remember to take care of your eyes.

Geeta Sundar.

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