POV Oscar, the Beagle

The Quarantine Life…is heaven. Following too many lifetimes of begging my human to stay with me forever, it seems like she finally agrees with me. Gone are the days of wondering if I had blown my shot with her by burying her socks or if she had finally discovered what I have always known to be true, that I am out of her league. Perhaps now she has finally understood that nobody can love her like I do, nobody can make her smile as wide as I can and that nobody can do a better “lie down” than me- not even Caesar the Labrador from next door. That is not to say it did not take effort- this convincing of my human. I had to learn that awful trick of putting my hands up and falling down on the command of “bang!”, I had to become a better listener- especially when she talks about her intern friends and teachers fighting against the new villain ‘Corona’, I had to stop digging holes in the garden and worst of all, I had to become friends with the cat that lives in the backyard with her kittens. There are advantages to this arrangement too. I get to have a bowl of milk as well when my human puts some out for the cat. She has also started baking every other day which has led to me perfecting my art of deceiving other humans of the house that I have not eaten… in weeks. I have also finally figured out the optimal strategy on how to spot a fake ball throw (pro tip: it is to follow the ball with your eyes and not your heart). All in all, we have reached a symbiotic conclusion. I will love her for all of eternity with all my heart and in return she will not leave, and she will conveniently forget to give me baths.

2016 batch; fourth prof

Image courtesy : trudog.com

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