Role of Gadgets in daily healthcare

Dr Anushka Reddy Marri                                                                                            RIMS, Adilabad

As the innovation in health care gadgets continues to become more and more advanced, we are becoming dependent on them in several ways. Be it apps on our smart phones or devices like smart watches, wrist bands or chips, technology is giving us a chance to stay heathier and track all our habits. When put to correct use, these gadgets can help us develop a healthier lifestyle and identify a few risk factors, early.

Now-a-days, every other person we meet is wearing a smart-watch or a fitbit. These are gadgets that track your physical activity from the count of your steps to your heart rate. Not only have they given a way for us to track our physical activity but also motivated people to set and achieve realistic goals, thereby promoting healthy practices. Further, some of the smart watches are so advanced that they keep a track of the heart rhythms and alert the owners of atrial fibrillations.


Several chronic diseases can be monitored using house old gadgets. Be it Hypertension or Diabetes, gadgets like the blood pressure monitors, glucometers, teeth whiteners, ekg and ecg devices that connect to your smart-phones are all available and easy to use.


The latest of the advancements are the ‘BIO-SENSORS’.These are available as self-adhesive patches that allow the person to move around while collecting on their movement, heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature etc.



There are several ways the gadgets can be put to good use.

  1. Understanding our health
  2. Controlling what we eat
  3. Managing our sleeping habits
  4. Managing our weight
  5. Tracking our vitals
  6. Identifying early risk factors
  7. Setting targets and goals
  8. Improving the quality of our physical exercise
  9. Monitoring chronic diseases













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