Trust me! I am your doctor!

Sumedha Pandey, MBBS final year, Rama Medical college, Kanpur

When we asked multiple questions about your history for a better diagnosis,

But you saw it as charging high prices for a few annoying questions.

When you had chest pain so bad which got worse with every Google diagnosis,

But you still argue with me when I tell you it’s just stress .

When we warned y’all to not let your health slide into the hands of Google,

But you believed it more, despite the conversion of your pain from psychological to cancerous.

When we told you to get some tests done not just for current symptoms but also for some other dormant illness,

But you thought it  unnecessary just because your relatives disagree.

When we suggested best possible options for your better treatment,

But you interpreted it as a means  to get more money.

When we leave our families to protect yours, you say it’s our duty,

But you use it as a chance  to look down on that one 15 minute nap we take after 48 hours of a gruelling shift.

When we had a stressful breakdown,we still manage to maintain that smile and be calm But you take our calm nature for granted with an ignorant attitude

When we encourage you to fight back the disease with your best will,

But you still  assume that we can cure the incurable and get disappointed.

When we tell you that we are human and mistakes do happen,

But you raise us on the  same pedestal as God and then beat us down for our inability to resurrect the terminally ill.

 Let these snippets be a reminder that

When we tell you to be regular with follow ups,

 You need to be compliant, because trust me! I am your doctor.

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