My medical college family

An introduction to the bizarre but amazing friends I have made and managed to keep almost throughout the course of my M.B.B.S. They inspired me and showed me the possibility of humour in medicine and therefore this poem serves a shout out to them

A little inspiration from an old tagline of  Vodafone, 

Voice notes overpowered by an alarm- like ringtone, 

Adding incomprehensible words to my expansile dictionary, 

Making fun of my abhorrent skills at Pictionary.

A little confusing doesn’t it seem ? 

Well that’s exactly how I feel. 

A moment of dedicated sports obsession, 

And an equally matched food fascination. 

A chair cleaned using Surf excel, 

Noisy study sessions in the hostel, 

Laughing at the weirdest things, 

Strong believers in the power of jinx. 

A little mix of crazy  

A little bit of adventure, 

And confusing all the time 

That’s the start of an intro to this crazy friend-like family of mine. 

With stories that often don’t make sense, 

Like Swiggy delivery guys getting called agents, 

To all the weird dancing and singing antics, 

And unnamed bizarre pre exam tactic, 

Everything about this family seemingly jointed, 

But in their own crazy way , over 4 years they’ve managed to stay connected. 

One, all about glamour with contacts that are British, 

One a diva with nothing short of a BTS fetish, 

One, always there for support with the most terrible jokes, 

One with a wit that has no match and the ability to plan the most elaborate hoax. 

One , with who plays sport like crazy but with a real portion for making TikTok videos, 

And the last one has a dark side, but she still always knows how to make you smile folks. 

In short,  

Glamorous, musical , funny and witty, 

Not a moment goes by without a bizarre epiphany , 

A little dark and sporty, 

With a divided taste for coffee and tea, 

And an infectious connection has pieces together a unique and dysfunctional family . 

United by love for medicine, 

With a last moment pre exams lack of sleep addiction, 

From the outside, things seem a little bizarre, 

Yet a connected family I feel we are . 

A little mix of crazy , 

A little bit of adventure, 

And confusing all the time, 

That was an introduction to this weird friend family of mine . 

-By Chetana Rajesh:

Currently a final year medical student, writing is the hobby that I use to unwind and therefore, try to contribute to many publications when the opportunity presents itself. Without any limitation of genre, I hope that as a writer, my words are such that people can connect with them and relate easily despite the complexity that some feel is a feature of my writing.

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