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  1. Government Medical College, Patiala – Dikshit Chawla

The Government Medical College, Patiala, is in the royal city of kings, famous for its Patiala shahi turban, jutti, salwar, and the especially renowned, thanks to the Punjabi renditions of Honey Singh, Badshah, and Raftaar, the Patiala peg. The air of this land, once ruled by the bloodline of the kings, is filled with exuberant lifestyles and mighty gusto.

Medical school is arduous, and college may feel like an inferno more often than not, but what’s life without some adventure? How do I cope with tests every week, exams every month, and countless assignments? Patiala has got my back through it all!!!!

With its mouth-watering, luscious, and heavenly food, The Leela Bhawan is our go-to place for dessert after every Exam. Brooks Café is our quick stop for an Iced Frappe, and whenever it comes to orgasmic finger-licking butter chicken, Sahni’s Dhaba has got us covered. An Olympic-sized swimming pool for swimming? No… it’s our favorite place for birthday parties and beer with friends.

Every time I go for a morning walk, the lush green campus and hostels, squirrels, pigeons, and parrots are a relief to the eyes. Whenever I feel low, I hoist my bag, sling my DSLR around my shoulder, and escape into nothingness. Narrow streets, talking to unknown people on the road, enjoying street food, clicking pictures, and eating my cotton candy beside the river is the best feeling in the world. If I were to describe the city of Patiala in a few words, I’d say it’s an amalgamation of Exuberance, Thrill, the Patiala Peg, and Life!!!!!!!!

-Dikshit Chawla

2. Alluri Sita Ramaraju Academy of Medical Sciences (ASRAM), Eluru – Dr. Anjali Mediboina

Alluri Sita Ramaraju Academy of Medical Sciences, or ASRAM, is a medical college located in Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. Now, I’ll be honest: I first heard of Eluru when I joined the college! But, much to my surprise, Eluru, also known as Helapuri, is the district and mandal headquarters. Despite the city being relatively small, it has got everything, and honestly, its quaintness is an advantage- almost everything is within walking distance.

One of the things I love about the ASRAM campus is the serenity it offers. Set well away from the main road and sprawling with greenery, you can be sure to get a sense of peace the moment you enter. Now that I’m approaching the end of my undergrad life, I’m glad to be able to look back at my favorite hangout spots.

Outside my Hostel (Gouthami Block)

Now, our campus has a lot of different hostels, but the girl’s hostel- Gouthami block specifically, is the best place to sit and chill. Plus, it’s in the middle of campus, so it’s a great place to people-watch.

But a core memory I’ll always have is making rangoli and having our girls’ party in our Godavari Block for the 2018 new year (we had exams, so most of us were stuck in the hostel).

Basketball Court

Now, this is THE spot for me and my friends (okay, fine, it might be a spot for other people too, but for all intents and purposes, it’s our spot). We haven’t been there in a while because of our duties, but my friends and I would always settle down in the middle of the court after a night walk. Sometimes we’d even order a brownie or two to have as a late-night snack 😉

New Cricket Ground

Our college inaugurated a newer cricket ground in 2019, but I feel like it’ll forever be referred to as  “New Cricket Ground.” A great place for pictures, to be honest! Seriously, golden hour is the best time to be there.


The list would be incomplete without including the campus Canteen for us hostlers. Especially as an intern, I feel like I pay my monthly mess bill in two places- the hostel mess and the canteen, haha! But really, it’s become a ritual for my friends and me to meet up at night for a cup of coffee and recount our day. Even amid hectic duties, I always look forward to that cup of coffee <3.

3. AMA School of Medicine, Makati City, Philippines – Shreya Choubey

So, you have been accepted to your dream medical college and are shifting to your college dorm within a few weeks – what’s the first thing you google? Well, if your answer isn’t the nearby cafes or places to hang out around your college, are you even for real? I mean – how do you keep up with the insanity?

I’m Shreya Choubey – a first-year medical student at AMA School of Medicine, Makati City, Philippines. Staying in this uber-urbanized city and my love of exploration have helped me curate a perfect list of hangout spots for medical students.

So, let’s dive into my favorite spots where I visit with my friends but often alone to add some spice to my med-school life!

Calming Coffee Corners 

I don’t know about you, but I occasionally need a change of study space. Thankfully Makati has some beautiful coffee shops that are student-friendly. At a price of fewer than 200 Pesos, one can get a yummy drink, unlimited wifi, and 4-5 hours of aesthetic space to study. My favorite ones are – Dean & Deluca, Little Flour Cafe, Antipodean, and Commune.

Red-hot Ramen bars 

Ever had one of those difficult days when things are just not working in your favor? Probably a mid-life crisis or crumbling exam pressure, or you’re just feeling homesick? They say, “a hot bowl of Ramen cures it all.” It is beautiful how a warm bowl of soup and noodles hit us in all the right spots! My favourite Ramen Bars are Ramen Nagi, Ippudo and Mendokono Ramenba. Recovery walks in nature.

Whether it’s a cluttered mind or a funny gut feeling – there’s nothing a long walk amidst nature can’t heal. You only need your iPod to disappear into heavenly bliss with your favorite songs. I am a night person; right after my study sessions, I hop into my walking shoes and explore a new route. Mindfully though, I always ask my seniors and locals about the safety of a particular area. Some of my treasured walks include exploring BGC and walking around Manila Bay.

So what are you waiting for? Slip on your shoes and explore. Take your friends with you and make every new place you discover a sizzling hangout spot.

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