Celebrating Navratri, Medico Style: GREY STATE OF MIND

Day 6 : Maa Katyayani/Grey

Goddess Katyayani, the warrior who holds a sword in one hand and the mother who holds lotus in the other,

To mark her day, as a perfect symbol of balance, I am gray, the perfect colour,

Perhaps, there’s a reason I am associated with a gloomy mood,

Although I might seem too bland, too monotonous to some of you,

But I don’t mind being misunderstood,For calming a grieving heart, what else could be a better hue?

I don’t mean to brag but I am none less than a sword,

For I reside in your grey matter, the part and parcel of your mind and the spinal cord.

I add meaning to your countless CTs, MRIs, USGs and the X-rays,

Do you need more reasons to be grateful for my grace?

But I am sure I must be a hue you hate the most,

Especially the moments when I enter your hair locks and leave you with a look not so worthy enough to boast.

Because I must be a reminder for you about every passing year,but for some of you with deficient diets,

I just need you to know that I care!

Hemochromatosis might make me earn even more disgust and despise,

But it’s iron overload and not my fault, I hope you realise.

Sometimes, I appear in the newborn’s skin and alert the caregivers about the gray baby syndrome,

Immature liver, immature kidney, chloramphenicol soaring high,

I am sorry but it’s not the time yet for you to take your baby home.

I might be a hue you hate to see when you’re born or before you die,

But you can’t make me bend my ways,

Because I know you really need me to glorify your days!

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