The Plane Window

-Written By Dr. Chetana Rajesh, SRIHER, Chennai

A moment five years ago 

Looking out of the plane window

A younger version of me

Embarking on a long drawn out journey.

The origin a dream

Yet not simple as it may seem,

Recalling all the tears, 

And the initial confrontation with my fears.

A feeling of being completely lost,

The warm familiar air replaced by an uncanny frost. 

In this unchartered territory, I lost myself, 

Yet the story does not end here itself. 

While the beginning was slow, 

It presented an opportunity to grow

Staying miles away from home 

Steadily teaching me to embrace the unknown.  

From unfamiliar and frosty

To safe and homely, 

Slowly and steadily, 

Came together a surprising journey. 

Now this journey has a special place in my heart, 

Although it didn’t seem like that at the start, 

A place that seemed unfamiliar and hostile, 

Became a warm one that gave me a million reasons to smile. 

Five years later, 

The plane still soars higher than any skyscrape, 

Yet now, an older version of me, 

Looks out the window, 

Wondering now in which direction will this journey go ?

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