Her Story

Akanksha Mahajan

3rd year MBBS, Government Medical College Amritsar

And then the hell broke loose,

unfortunately, they found out about her before she was born,

obviously, her life wasn’t hers to choose,

she could never make her way out,

they made sure she was gone, 

they didn’t want her without a doubt! 

Sometimes, she fights her way out, 

Sometimes, her first cry is apparently the last time she gets to shout! 

Sometimes, she manages to grow a little bit more,

only to gather those traumatic tears in her store..,

She could neither trust her own kin,

nor someone else, just to save herself from every single sin!

But apparently, it was never enough,

no matter how hard she tried to glide across each trough,

It was never enough!

They mutilated her genitals so she couldn’t feel the pleasure,

yet they allowed that rapist to celebrate his leisure!

Beaten, bruised, but she kept trying to keep standing still,

yet she kept being the nurturer with her entire will!

Even at the end of her hardest days,

at her mirror, she used to gaze,

to erase her sorrows just for a while,

she used to look at the mirror to simply adore her smile!

But even that was something they couldn’t bear,

One day, they took some acid and created a vicious vial,

and her smile became something unaffordable for her to wear,

she ended up destroying that mirror and forgot that smile!

She kept sewing together those shattered pieces of her soul,

but her cursed fate never ceased to take its toll!

Because she entered the world where she was never wanted,

and forever and ever, her very existence will continue to be haunted!

But what made you so cruel to someone so crucial to your existence,

Were you scared that she must have had power so immense?

Obviously she’s powerful enough to bleed and conceive,

that must have been really hard for you to perceive..,

what if she rises once she realises her potential..?

wouldn’t that nullify your each and every credential? 

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