Winners: LEXIMEET Photography Contest

LEXIMEET 2022 gave the world an opportunity to look into the lives of medicos through their camera lens. Presenting to you the winners of the photography contest!

Winner #1: Hritik Savla, Grant Government Medical College and Sir JJ Group of Hospitals Mumbai, 3rd MBBS

An Artist Within A Surgeon!
There’s a thinking that Surgeons are God gifted with this skill. But in reality, it is their knowledge, practice, dedication, perseverance and problem solving skills which work together to make it through every surgery, which often gets unnoticed. Each surgery is a unique one in itself.

Winner #2: Kajal Agrawal, ANMMCH, Gaya, Post intern

Maa you said when you first heard my heart beat, yours skipped.
That as it would beat yours wouldn’t need to.
Maa you said you’d cry if you ever hurt me, but as I kicked your womb, you weren’t hurt.
You shrieked!
I trembled, I thought I had hurt you! but
You were excited. You were delighted at my movement.
So I kept moving to feel your excitement.
Maa, as I moved I got tangled.
Didn’t know what it was..
9 months passed by.
On my final day as part of you, the doctors cut you. Why? That must have hurt?
I came out. Not breathing.
My heart had dropped. But so did everyone else’s.
Maa, you said you’d be happy if I am never upset. If I don’t cry. So I didn’t.
But you weren’t happy to see me.
So I cried.
And as I cried.
You laughed with tears of joy.
Maa, you said you’d never laugh at my cries.
But you did. Didn’t you?

Winner #3: Rohit Kumar, Government Medical College, Jammu, Internship

You’re a surgery resident in a government tertiary care hospital in India. It’s your 30th hour of being in the hospital going back and forth between rounds, investigations, calls, operation theatre, shifting the patients, and the list is endless. You start your day with enthusiasm and a buzzing excitement that changes to barely being able to drag your bones and flesh from one patient to another. No way you’ve even had two complete meals in the past 24 hours let alone seeing your friends and family.

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